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Amy Baltzell, Ed.D., is a speaker, author, Olympian and a mindfulness and high performance consultant for athletes, musicians, sport coaches and the business world. She holds a doctorate in counseling psychology, is a Reiki Master Teacher, Mindful Self-Compassion Teacher in-training, creator and facilitator of MMTS (Mindful Mediation Training in Sport) and a certified mental performance consultant (CMPC), through the Association of Applied Sport Psychology.

As a speaker, she offers keynotes, workshops and talks to business, schools and often to athletic teams. She has a private practice, working with athletes and musicians. She was an Olympic rower (1992) and professional sailor (America's Cup 1995), and is immediate past President of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology. She has offered invited keynote talks and workshops in the US, Sweden, The Netherlands, Denmark, Canada, and England. She has worked with Olympians, athletic coaches, professional athletes as well as classical musicians, international marketers and commodity traders.

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Amy offers talks and workshops that inspire and offer insight on how to achieve and maintain high level performance. She offers specific strategies about how to cultivate an optimal mind state and approach for best performance.

Amy offers an understanding and clear strategies to psychologically cope with stress, and even burnout. She draws on 20 years as a consultant, researcher, university professor, speaker, author and personal experience as an Olympian and professional athlete. From her work as a Reiki Master Level 2 and recent experience of personal transformation, she offers a keynote talk and workshop on practical strategies and exercises that support spiritual awakening.

All of her work is inspired by a mindful approach to learning. Insight, enhanced performance and transformation is available to you and your audience.

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Amy cares deeply about helping performers optimize performance and, at once, cultivate the best day-to-day experience possible. From collegiate athletes, business executives, sport coaches to classical musicians, high level performers share similar challenges. There is pressure to perform; there are clear external objectives to measure great performance; and there is very little information available about how to emotionally and psychologically thrive with such demands.

Having been an Olympic and professional athlete, she understands the intense desire to perform well in the moments when it seems to count most. "I love nothing more than to help performers thrive in high-expectation environments." She also understand how it can go wrong.

If you are motivated to change your internal experience, if you are ready to learn to work differently with anxiety, fear, comparison, and/or burnout, Amy looks forward to working with you!

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-Amy on The Washington Post-
"It's not about whether you feel it, it's about how you handle it. Can you stay playing soccer when those feelings are coming up?"

-Amy on Trike Daily-
"There have been a couple of dozen studies around mindfulness and sport in some way. But most don't have performance markers, it's difficult to have enough controls to claim impact on performance."

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To contact Amy, reach her at her business email:

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